Chariti Home

Chariti Home

Because Love never fails and endures through every circumstance.


Teresa Johnson, Founder of Chariti Home, grew up in a two-parent middle class family on the Illinois side of the St. Louis, Metropolitan area. She became an unwed teenage mother at the young age of 16. Today she is a mother and a nurse on a mission from God to provide stable, loving, nurturing family-style housing for unwed teenage mothers and their children. Teresa’s desire is to provide and instill the life skills and education necessary for these women to flourish and become successful in life, both as a parent and individual.

Chariti Home Vision: To empower teenage mothers towards becoming independent, responsible and nurturing mothers to their children and productive citizens in the community.

Chariti Home Mission: Through the ministry of supportive transitional housing and various support systems, Chariti Home, will change lives of young mothers and their children for generations to come by providing a safe home, education, parenting skills, life skills, and networking to other community resources.

Only serving residents of St. Clair County, IL at this time.